Class Schedule

Schedule subject to change on holidays or due to inclement weather.

Elementary School CrossFit will begin when school is out for Summer.         *Specialty class – extra fee


6:00 AMCrossFitCrossFit
7:00 AMCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFit
8:15 AMCrossFitFit CampCrossFitFit CampCrossFitCrossFit
Fit Camp
9:00 AMOly*Oly*Oly*
9:15 AMCrossFit
Fit Camp
9:30 AMCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFitCrossFit
11:00 AMHigh School ASTHigh School AST*High School AST*
4:30 PMCrossFitCrossFit
5:00 PMCrossFitCrossFit
5:30 PMCrossFitCrossFitCrossFit
5:30 PMCrossFit Teens
(w/ Adult Class)
CrossFit Teens
(w/ Adult Class)
CrossFit Teens
(w/ Adult Class)
6:00 PMFit CampFit Camp