Spartan SGX (Small Group Exercise) are weekly classes designed to help athletes prepare to run a Spartan Race. Our facility typically hosts these in the months leading up to our local Atlanta race.

Be Unbreakable

Build resiliency to accomplish obstacle races with a certified coach.

Team Based

Have fun running a Spartan Race with a local team of fellow athletes.

Finish Strong

Cross the finish line with your teammates. Best fun you've had all year!

Spartan SGX Discounts Codes 2023
  • SGX-2328211    20% off any US/CAN Spartan Race (Kids Race, Sprint, Spartan City, Stadion, Super, Beast, Ultra, or Endurance (Hurricane Heat) - All Heats (Open or Competitive)
  • SGXTP-232821    $50 off Trifecta Pass (US Only)
  • SGXSP-232821    $100 off Season Pass (US Only)
  • SGXDEKA23-2821    20% off DEKAFIT in US, Open Heats (not valid of Gym Hosted Events)
  • SGXTM2023    20% Off Tough Mudder (5k, 10k, 15k, Kids)